Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Shabazz Is Just Taking Over The World

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA's legislative council approved a proposal Tuesday to expand the meal allowance for all athletes.

The move occurred eight days after Connecticut guard Shabazz Napier complained during the Final Four that he sometimes went to bed "starving" because he could not afford food.

The proposal would allow Division I schools to provide unlimited meals and snacks to all athletes, including walk-ons. The measure still must be approved by the board of directors, which meets April 24.

"I think the end result is right where it needs to be," committee chairwoman and America East assistant commissioner Mary Mulvenna said in a statement released by the governing body.

The proposal has been debated for months, but Napier's comments, first made before UConn played Iowa State in the Sweet 16 and then again after the Huskies beat Kentucky for the national title, brought attention to the topic. Napier was named the Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four after leading Connecticut to its fourth men's championship.

It looks like Shabazz is literally ruling taking over the world right now.  Just taking on the most powerful organization that runs like a dictatorship that's in charge over a bunch of slaves earning that earns them billions of dollars...and making them implement new rules just cause my man's hungry and wants some late night grub.  

Everything, and I mean everything is turning up Shabazz right now.  He can do anything he wants.

Win the National Championship by taking a team on your back and winning the Most Outstanding Player in the NCAA tournament?  Check.

Telling off the NCAA in front of millions of people as you're celebrating their Championship?  Yup.

Cover of Sports Illustrated?  No problem.

Wear a shirt of that Sports Illustrated cover, while holding the championship trophy you won, while in a parade in Hartford that's being thrown for you?  Yeah, I'd say things are going your way just a little bit...