Wednesday, April 9, 2014

RIP Ultimate Warrior

RIP Ultimate Warrior
1959 - 2014 (Age 54)

One of the fixtures in my childhood, the Ultimate Warrior, passed away at the age of 54 Tuesday night.  He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame just three days ago after an 18-year estrangement from the company and leaves behind 2 daughters.

The cause of death is uncertain at the moment but it's sad that this occurred just when it looked like he was on a path of redemption and was going to be serving as an ambassador to the WWE organization. 

He may have never been the best at the promos or on the mic as seen here...

...but his high energy and imposing physique made him the favorite of many young little warriors everywhere.  I personally had this little guy and it kept me amused for hours with body slams and figure four leg locks.

I'll always remember him for being the Intercontinental Champion and his fight with The Honky Tonk Man at SummerSlam, a match that took all of 31 seconds.

He may not have been the most skilled wrestler out there but God Damn was he entertaining.  He is still the only wrestler to hold the Heavyweight and Intercontinental belts at the same time.  Rest in peace my man.

Here are some memories for you...