Wednesday, April 30, 2014

RIP Bob Hoskins

R.I.P. Bob Hoskins
1942-2014 (Age 71)

Bob Hoskins passed away at the age of 71 of pneumonia after retiring from acting back in 2012 due to being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.  The Brit was a well known and respected actors, receiving nominations for BAFTA Awards, Golden Globes, and an Oscar during his long career.

My experiences with his acting were the roles he was in later in life that consisted mostly of movies aimed at younger audiences during my childhood and teen years so unfortunately, I'm not familiar with some of the roles from the late 70's/early 80's that I probably should be (i.e. Pennies From Heaven, The Long Good Friday, The Honorary Consul, etc.) but I still enjoyed what I saw from him.

RIP Bob.

Here's a quick list of my Top 5 favorite movies and roles of his.

Honorable Mentions
Spoor in Brazil - I'm sorry, I know that there are people who love Brazil, but I just can't stand it.  It's so boring and too freaking weird for my taste.
Bob Hoskins in Spice World - I just couldn't ignore this in his filmography
J. Edgar Hoover in Nixon
Nikita Khrushchev in Enemy at the Gates - One of my favorite war movies of the past 15 years, but his part is pretty small in it.
Bart in Unleashed - A sneaky underrated and really entertaining Jet Li movie where Hoskins get to go full-on with maybe the heaviest accent I've ever heard.

Hardest Omission
George in Mona Lisa - He was actually nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor for his role in 1987, losing to my main man Paul Newman for The Color of Money, but I've never seen this so I couldn't include it.

On to my top 5 favorite Bob Hoskins roles:

5. Boris the Goose in Balto

OK, so maybe this isn't his best role and maybe this isn't his best movie, but I had to choose between this and Unleashed as to which movie I wanted to include where he used his accent.  And, if I'm being completely honest, Balto is a wicked underrated Disney movie.

It's basically like the animated version of Iron Will but from the dog's perspective, and both of those were staples for me growing up.

4. Eddie Mannix in Hollywoodland

Another movie that's pretty underrated in my opinion.  There's something about Bob Hoskins' voice that gives his characters automatic stature, and that's saying something considering how small of a guy he is.  It has a soothing yet authoritative tone to it that's pretty cool.

Hollywoodland get recognition as Ben Affleck's return to actually being a good actor but what makes the movie very good is the depth of very good actor's surrounding the leads, and Bob Hoskins as Eddie Mannix fits that perfectly.

3. Mario Mario in Super Mario Bros.

Listen, I never said these were going to be good movies.  The Super Mario Bros. adaptation with Hoskins as Mario and John Liguizamo as Luigi was atrocious, but as a kid, I probably watched it at least a dozen times.  A movie about the Super Mario brothers?  Ummm, yeah, I'm going to eat that up.

That movie was ridiculous.

The fact that his name was Mario Mario is outrageous.

And now I kind of want to watch it and just laugh and laugh and laugh.

2. Smee in Hook

Hook is fantastic.  You literally can't convince me otherwise.  This was one of my all-time favorite movies growing up and the fact that they had Dustin Hoffman, Bob Hoskins, Robin Williams, and Julia Roberts as the main players for the adult roles gave the movie some respectability.

And then there's his amazing pitching motion.

1. Eddie Valiant in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Maybe the coolest movie for any kid growing up.  The cartoons and real life characters were able to interact and talk to each other in the movie.  What kid doesn't want to do that when they're growing up? The movie was definitely more "adult" that what kids picked up on but you can't tell me that Jessica Rabbit wasn't the sexiest cartoon you'd ever seen.

This movie was as frightening as it was cool.  The last scene with Christopher Lloyd is downright terrifying.