Wednesday, April 23, 2014

'Pine'da Thrown Out of the Red Sox-Yankees Game for Pine Tar

Nothing to see here ump.  Has anyone ever thought that maybe Pineda just has pine tar instead of blood and tears inside his body, so he just sweats that stuff and it's not his fault?  Geez.  Stop judging people.

Seriously though, Pineda must be the worst at hiding pine tar of any pitcher that's ever been int he majors.

It was obvious when he had it on him the last time he pitched against the Sox and his attempt to hide it better is to put it on his fucking neck?  Yankee logic.

Let's check a look to see his progression from inning 1 to inning 2.

It looks like someone sliced him in the dugout with a knife coated with pine tar.  Totally not his fault.  

Take a seat Pineda.  Time to exhaust your entire bullpen for the rest of the game.  Thanks for the help bud.

P.S. Is it a coincidence that his name has 'Pine' in it?  Too cheesy?  Whatever, cheater.