Friday, April 25, 2014

New Video for "Ash & Ember" from Augustana's New Album, Life Imitating Life

Love the song.  Love it.  

The video??? Not so much.  Nothing really happens, which would be alright if there wasn't some weird but yet unexplained thing going on with lead singer Dan Layus and a twin or something from his songwriting imagination oooooorrrr, I don't know.  If he was literally doing nothing but playing the song in the field I would have like it 10x more.

But that's neither here nor there since how often to people still watch music videos anyway.  I'll probably never see this thing again since I'll just be listening to the song on Spotify from here on out.

Life Imitating Life is Augustana's first album since their 3rd album (self-titled Augustana) came out back in 2011.  The band almost fell apart when some of the members decided to leave due to some artistic differences (isn't that always the case) but, fortunately for us, they're back with a new album and the sound is right in line with where they left off.

You can read an interview here from Substream Magazine with Dan Layus about the work it took to keep Augustana together and make this album.

My top three favorite tracks from the album so far:

3. Need a Little Sunshine

2. Youth Is Wasted on the Young

1. Ash and Ember (live version here since I posted the video already)