Friday, April 25, 2014

Liam Gallagher Tweets Hinting At A Possible OASIS Reunion

So here's what Liam tweeted out yesterday that got the rumor mill spinning and hinted at a reunion of the Gallagher brothers band Oasis:

So, I can see why people would then start speculating at a possible re-formation of Oasis on the back of Liam's slightly cryptic tweets.  If you listened to Beady Eye, you'd probably want Oasis to get back together too.  Beady Eye is basically Oasis, minus Noel.  The only song I kind of like of their album is "The Roller," and that's probably because it sounds just like John Lennon's "Instant Karma."

Is there anyone better at stealing borrowing from Beatles members quite like Oasis?

The one dynamic that Beady Eye is so blatantly missing is Noel's presence as the songwriter for the group.  Oasis was built around Noel's songwriting ability and Liam's snarly voice.  However, the lyrics and songs are obviously what made the band great, Liam's vocals and stage presence just enhanced them exponentially.  You can see the difference in how good Noel's solo album was compared to Beady Eye's solo effort.  

Plus, the fact that Beady Eye (Liam) refuses play any songs written by Noel and Noel just crushes old Oasis songs in concert probably has people migrating towards Noel's performances.

Now, Noel has already basically put to bed any thoughts of an Oasis reunion when asked about Liam's tweets, stating, "There's more chance of me and my ex-wife getting back together, so no."  Noel quit the band about 5 years ago after being fed up with his brother (sound familiar), but that won't stop me from holding out hope to see them in concert once again.

Here's my current top 10 favorite Oasis songs.  Fuck that, I can't dwindle it down to 10, so here's my top 40 favorite Oasis songs.

40. The Shock of the Lightning
39. Songbird
38. Gas Panic!
37. Married With Children
36. Rockin' Chair
35. Where Did It All Go Wrong?
34. Hung In A Bad Place
33. Let There Be Love
32. Go Let It Out
31. Listen Up
30. D'You Know What I Mean?

29. Keep The Dream Alive
28. Guess God Thinks I'm Abel
27. Lyla
26. Half The World Away
25. Stop Crying Your Heart Out
24. Stand By Me
23. Mucky Fingers
22. Fade Away
21. All Around The World
20. Cigarettes & Alcohol

19. Champagne Supernova
18. The Importance of Being Idle
17. Rock N' Roll Star
16. Fucking In The Bushes
15. Whatever
14. Force of Nature
13. Sunday Morning Call
12. Live Forever
11. Little By Little

10. Morning Glory

9. Slide Away

8. Wonderwall

7. Some Might Say

6. Supersonic

5. Talk Tonight

4. Don't Look Back In Anger

3. The Masterplan

2. Acquiesce

1. Don't Go Away