Friday, April 18, 2014

Last Hartford Wolfpack Game of the Season with $1 Hot Dogs & $2 Beers

The Hartford Wolfpack take on the Springfield Falcons at the XL Center in Hartford tonight at 7 PM and it's your last chance to take advantage of their $1 Hot Dog / $2 Beer deal that they run for Friday home games.  

The deal runs through the start of the 2nd period.

I know 3 definitive facts for any minor league sport game.

1) The mascot names are 1000% better than the professional teams that these minor league teams support.  Just check out your local AAA baseball team or the names from any NBDL squad.

2) They always have deals for alcohol that you won't find in a pro arena from now until you die.

3) People are completely shit faced at these things.

Now I have no idea how the Wolfpack are doing this year but I'm going to be at this game with bells on, slugging beers, killing dogs, howling at the moon, and hoping to see a couple scraps and goals.

All I want to know is....who's coming with me?