Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kemba Goes Off as the Bobcats Get Swept

So The Heat swept the Bobcats, pretty much as expected.  But I hate the fucking Heat and I hate LeBron and I hate Wade and I hate everything they do....

So, on a lighter and brighter note, Kemba killed it in game 4.

11 of 15 from the field
29 points
5 rebounds
5 assists
3 blocks
2 steals

He did everything he could to keep from being swept but in the end, the Bobcats aren't even close to being in the same league as The Heat.

It didn't help that Big Al hurt his foot during the series just as he was getting going and The Heat have no one who could stop him, but I don't think there was any chance that the Bobcats could take 4 from Miami anyway.

At least now the Bobcats can change their name back to the Hornets.

I don't know about you, but I like the old logo way better.  The new one looks like the Hornet is taking a shit through a basketball.

Nonetheless, good for Kemba.  He's starting to take the next step, he just needs to be surrounded by a more cohesive group of players.

He pretty much has to take over for UConn players in the NBA because everyone else ain't doing so much:

Ray Allen & Caron Butler are in the playoffs but solely as role players.
But at least they're playing on their playoff teams unlike A.J. Price, Thabeet, & Jeremy Lamb.
Villanueva, Gordon, Okafor, and Rip are either 'just getting them checks' players or can't get a spot on a team.
Every team that trades Rudy Gay is instantly better after he leaves.
Does Jeff Adrien count if he's on the Bucks?
Cliff Robinson can't even make the Survivor jury.
So I guess it's between Kemba and Andre Drummond right now to carry the NBA players from least until DeAndre and Shabazz get there next year.