Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Josh Freeman...Really Giants.........Really?!?

The last time the Giants saw Josh Freeman, he had one of the worst games I've ever witnessed from start to finish, right Greg Jennings?

His stats against the Giants in Week 7:

20-53 (37.7%)
190 Yards
0 TDs
3.6 Yards per Attempt
927 Overthrown Passes (number approximate)

Since 2011, between his time with the Bucs and the Vikings, Josh Freeman's teams are 11-28 in games he starts.  Why?

But it's totally cool because he's competing with the King of Ineptitude, Curtis Painter, who has a career goose egg in games he's started.  0-8.  Just keep gettin' them checks while you can Paint.  If there was ever anyone that Josh Freeman could potentially beat out for a job, isn't it Curtis Painter?

The Giants traded up to select Ryan Nassib in the 4th Round last year so he's not going anywhere, at least not yet.  That means the Giants are probably going to carry 3 QBs this year (although I'd prefer 2 like we used to roll with Eli and David Carr).  Eli, Nassib, and one of these steaming piles of quarterbacking garbage are what we got going into 2014.

It's a good thing Eli has the longest active starting streak of any QB in the NFL.

The New York Giants back-up quarterbacks everybody...Get Psyched!