Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DeAndre Daniels Declares Early for the NBA Draft

Unfortunately for UConn fans, DeAndre Daniels declared early for the NBA draft a couple of days ago.  It wasn't totally unexpected, but he did wait until almost the last minute to decide he was leaving to go into the draft, which kind of sucked.

DeAndre had a really up and down season throughout his Junior year.  One game he would drop 30 and the next you would forget he was even on the floor...a la Rudy Gay.  It just so happened that he put it all together right in time for the NCAA tournament and was playing the best he had all season at the most opportune time.

His draft stock will never be higher than it is right now, which makes me not want to blame him at all for leaving early.  The only knocks on doing so are that,

1) This draft is absolutely STACKED.
2) People will see he played 2nd fiddle to Shabazz (which he did).
3) He would have benefited from being the #1 option on a top team.

The good thing for him is, he'll probably go in the late first round, which means he's most likely going to go to a really good team which would be a lot better fit for him.  He won't be expected to carry a heavy load and can develop his game (while hopefully putting on some much needed muscle).

He's one of those players that a team like the Spurs absolutely LOVES.  A player who can hit spot up threes, guard multiple positions, run the floor, had big game experience, and spent multiple years in college.

His turnaround jumper is sneaky unguardable and he figured that out down the stretch of the tournament.

I'm curious to see where the scoring is going to come from with the Huskies next year but I think they get a little bit of a grace period after winning the most improbable championship yet for Connecticut.

Here's DeAndre's tweet for him leaving.

I wish him all the best and hope that he falls to a contender in the late first round.

DraftExpress had him going #29 right now, so we'll see how the NBA playoffs work out and where my man DeAndre will end up going.