Wednesday, April 16, 2014

3 Things from Last Night's Sox Game

3 Things from Last Night's Sox Game.......

1. The White Sox players paid tribute to the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing by wearing some Red Sox 'B Strong' shirts in their pre-game warm-ups.  Classy move, classy organization.  I'm sure the extra layer didn't hurt in the 32 degree weather either.

2. Mike Napoli's finger bent in the complete wrong direction as he took off for second on a pitch in the dirt.  On the bright side, he was safe and it was a heads up play.  On the not so bright side, this is what his finger looks like now.

Let's just hope that he dislocated it and didn't fracture or break it cause there is a huge difference in DL time for those three things.

3. Napoli's injury actually played a part in the shitty way the game ended too.  With two outs in a tie ball game in the 9th and guys on 1st and 2nd, Marcus Semien sent Xander ranging (slightly) to his left on a ground ball towards the middle.  Bogaerts one-hopped the throw to first, albeit in plenty of time, but with Mike Carp manning first base and Napoli now out for the game, he couldn't scoop it and the winning run scored from 2nd on the error.  That's a horse shit way to lose a game.

Either way, the Sox have to find a way to wake their bats up to match the stellar starting pitching that they've been getting lately.  Maybe a little Jobo could help.