Friday, February 14, 2014

UConn Absolutely Throttles South Florida 83-40

#24 UConn 83 (19-5) - South Florida 40 (12-13)

Well that's as dominating as I've seen UConn be this entire season.  They're back at full strength with Daniels looking healthy and as long as they don't play a team with any decent big guys during the NCAA tournament, I think they have a chance to make some serious noise.

Their defense was stifling and with no need to worry about rim protection or post-ups, the speed of UConn's guards and the length of their tweeners was able to produce South Florida to shot an unthinkably terrible 24.0% for the game and turn the ball over 15 times. USF had more freaking turnovers (15) than they did field goals (12).  That's just stupid.

UConn on the other hand, coupled their amazing defensive performance with a crazy efficient offensive night.  The game was over by the end of the first half as the Huskies shot 64.0% compared to the 17.4% from the Bulls.  Those are absurd numbers to look at.

Heck, Ollie seemed to like what he saw.

It was nice to see DeAndre back and doing DeAndre things this.

Oh, and the walk-ons were able to get some PT and Pat Lenehan some salt to South Florida's wounds by nailing a trey.  Of course the bench exploded, as did the student section, but not as much as this student manager.  You just know they hang out every practice where Pat shoots free throws and that dude rebounds.  You just know it.

Another thing, I was absolutely mesmerized by the size of this guy on South Florida's bench.  Dude is MASSIVE.

I needed to check out this guy's height after the game (because the Wifi is fucking terrible in there) and turns out his name is Jordan Omogbehin and he is 7'3''.  You're telling me he can't get any time?  None?  Not until you're down 40?  Give the dude some run, what do you have to lose...besides more games.

Apparently he played 5 minutes at the end but I left early to catch the last 5 minutes of the 'Cuse/Pitt game at the bar across the street from the XL Center.  Yeah I missed the UConn walk-on hit his three buuuuut I did catch this.

I think I made the right choice.  And of course I was literally saying how overrated Tyler Ennis was exactly two minutes before he nailed the game winner on a running three.  Welp, in my face.