Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Paul Rudd & Jimmy Fallon Lip-Sync Off

It looks like Jimmy Fallon is going to carry over one of my favorite bits from Late Night to The Tonight Show and continue with the "Lip Sync Battles."  Paul Rudd was on last night and although I wasn't quite sure what to expect from him, he more than lived up to expectations from the previous Lip Sync Battles...especially with his work using all the different cameras.

It's too bad that Jimmy only got one song this time but I obviously still loved this.  The best part is, I'm not sure how many celebrities would be up for doing this, so it will most likely be few and far between each lip sync off, which makes it that much more special when they do end up doing it.  This is just the 3rd time that Fallon has done it on his show.

John Krasinski was the first one to do this with Jimmy on his show because apparently his wife Emily Blunt and him do this with their friends all the if you didn't already want to be best friends with Jim from The Office.  

Here's my man JGL killing his Lip Sync Battle with Jimmy and Stephen Merchant.