Monday, February 3, 2014

My 10 Favorite Things From Super Bowl 48

The Super Bowl may have been a complete letdown/blow-out and most of the commercials may have been either stupid or terrible, but that doesn't mean there weren't some things I enjoyed about Super Bowl 48 (so what if I don't know how to do roman numerals).

Here's a list of everything I liked from Sunday.

1. Eli Manning Sightings

He looked so sad watching Peyton ruin the Manning legacy in the Super Bowl.

2. Bruno Mars dance moves

...and I'm pretty sure Michelle Beadle has it down pat.

3. Tim Tebow Commercials

I forgot how much I want Tebow back in the NFL...not want, NEED.

He killed me with that donut line.  Who knew Tebow could act as well?? Oh, probably this guy...

4. Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith's Failed Dunk Attempt after the INT he returned for a TD.  I wish there was a better gif or a clip of the celebration because I literally laughed out loud.

Not even close bud. I loved it.
5. Budweiser's "A Hero's Welcome" Commercial of a Soldier Returning Home.  These will get me every single time.

6. Peyton's Playoff Record now sitting below .500 at 11-12, with a Super Bowl Record 1-2.  Eli's playoff record is 8-3, with a Super Bowl record of 2-0...just saying.

7. The Budweiser Puppy/Horse what if it was played when the game was way over.  And so what if I posted it before the Super Bowl even happened.  I love it.

8. Scott Porter Tweeting about Jason Street...Broncos fans can still be funny during a tragedy

9. #esurancesave30

Not a bad marketing strategy here.  Heck, I tweeted it out.  Why not?

10. Anna Kendrick Newcastle commercial.  Even though it didn't air during the Super Bowl, I can't resist the urge to post anything about Anna Kendrick and she somehow continues to move up my chick power rankings.  The perfect room temp chick.