Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Music: Miner - "Carousel"


Miner is a Los Angeles/Silver Lake-based, folk-rock family band formed around husband/wife duo Justin & Kate Miner, along with brother Jeremy Miner. Starting as a Kickstarter-funded, bedroom-studio project inspired by a trip through Central and South America, Miner transformed into a touring band at the beginning of 2013 after recruiting more family and friends to put together the current live lineup.

Miner recently finished their debut album Into The Morning, which will be released on February 25th, 2014.

So that description was right from their website since there's basically nothing out there on the Interweb about them.  It's actually are really unique and interesting story as to how they got started as a band.  It doesn't help that their band name can be used for a lot of different things either.  And since they haven't dropped their debut album, it does make a little more sense that there's not much about them out there.  

They currently have three songs on their Spotify page and I was going to lie about where I heard their song...but whatever, the GF was watching a show (Hart of Dixie *cough* *cough*) while I was on my computer, and it was on at the end of the episode.  I swear to God that's the truth.  The song just went up on YouTube within the last 24 hours, so this one is hot off the presses.

I guess it couldn't hurt to post their other songs on here either since they only have a two other ones...and the song "Hey Love" is stinking great.  I've definitely heard it somewhere before and it's going to bother me all day.

"Hey Love"

"Golden Ocean"