Monday, February 17, 2014

Music: Jack Savoretti - "Take Me Home" and more...

Jake Savoretti
"Take Me Home"

Jack Savoretti is a singer/song-writer who grew up in London, Italy, and Switzerland before ending up in L.A. to pursue his songwriting career after being inspired watching and listening to the Simon & Garfunkel soundtrack to The Graduate.  I can't say I can really blame him there, that soundtrack is an all-timer.  He has a very husky and gravely voice that at first would lean you towards comparing his vocal sound to James Morrison but after listening more closely, its has softer tones than that and would probably fall as a mix between Morrison and Paolo Nutini.  His looks are a little like Jakob Dylan and when he goes for the big notes, it has hints of Springsteen.

So, now that we're all on the same page with his Morrison/Nutini/Dylan/Springsteen look and sound, we can get to enjoying some great damn music.

And if you wanted to check out the live acoustic version of it instead, here you go...

And since I've been listening to a lot of his stuff lately (two albums out and his third, entitled Sweet Hurt, is on the way to be released on March 24th, here are a couple more of his songs that I really enjoy.

"No One's Aware"

This next one is from Sons of Anarchy and has a Jose Gonzalez feel to it.

"Soldiers Eyes"

He recently played (again) on The Mohagany Sessions, where he played the title song off his next album.  I freaking love this new song.

"Sweet Hurt"