Monday, February 3, 2014

Michael Strahan Selected Into The Football Hall of Fame

In his second year of eligibility, Michael Strahan will head the 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of seven that includes Derrick Brooks, Walter Jones, Andre Reed, Aeneas Williams, Ray Guy, and Claude Humphrey.  Let's do a quick run down of these guys in case you may have forgotten them over the years (then we'll get to Strahan).

Derrick Brooks - Unreal linebacker and anchor of the Bucs D at its height.
Walter Jones - Humongous O-Lineman for the Seahawks.
Andre Reed - Top receiver for the 'almost Super Bowl winning' Bills teams.
Aeneas Williams - Cornerback for the Cardinals and I believe he was the only guy to ever run his age in the 40 while in the NFL, but that could be a total myth.
Ray Guy - Old guy.
Caude Humphrey - Old guy with Frenchy name.

I don't really want to get into the Michael and Kelly Ripa stuff (and I'm hoping for his sake that everyone and their sister forget about his TV show Brothers) so let's focus on Strahan's career with the Giants.  

He is the all-time leader for Big Blue in sacks with 141.5 sacks, which is fifth all-time.  He led the league in sacks twice and holds the single season record with 22.5 sacks in 2001, the year in which he won the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year award.  He made 4 All-Pro Teams and 7 Pro Bowls in his 15 year career, all with the New York Giants, after being drafted in the 2nd Round with the 40th overall pick in the 1993 NFL Draft from Texas Southern.

He was the anchor of the D that lost to the Ravens in the Super Bowl and part of the D-Line that reigned down on Tom Brady en route to the Super Bowl upset over the undefeated Patriots.  In all honesty, and I think everyone agrees here, the whole D-Line should have been the MVP of that game, but whenever there's no clear sole MVP candidate, the award defaults back to the QB.  Either way, that was the best win in my fan career.

This past week, Warren Sapp tried to rain on Strahan's parade for no apparent reason whatsoever, saying, "I don't think his résumé stacks up.  Four straight Pro Bowls and a mythical sack record. When you really measure it up, he comes up short, except you all are giving it to him."  Obviously, he tried to back out of the comments after the fact and told anyone who'd listen that he apologized personally to Strahan.  Sapp's always been a loud mouth so it didn't surprise me that he'd say something but he's the only person who has ever thought that, so I think he realized he was being an idiot.  It doesn't change the fact that Strahan's in, it's just Sapp trying to get his moment in the spotlight now that no one cares about what he thinks and he's out of money.

So, I'll be raising a glass and cheers-ing to Strahan with my next beer on a well deserved selection to the Hall of Fame and I'll pour a little out for #4 for the first and last time ever, for his extra push on Strahan's candidacy.

And there are only two reasons that I would ever, ever, ever like Brett Faaaa...vre.

1. He helped Strahan break the single-season sack record. Thanks pal.

2. Something About Mary.  Too bad she's a Niners fan.

Other than that, I can't stand the dude.  But keep up the 'dick pics' bro, those seem to be working out for you.