Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Glastonbury Native Jaime Nelson A Top 10 Finalist in the CMT Listener's Choice Songwriting Competition...VOTE HERE

Glastonbury native Jaime Nelson, now relocated to Nashville, has been picked as a finalist in the CMT Listener's Choice Songwriting Competition.  With over 2,000 submissions, the judges of the competition chose her song to be one of the ten finalists.  The song, titled "Feel The Lightning," was co-written with Shane Brown and is damn good.

Give the song a listen below to hear what kind of magic Jaime's been up to in Nashville and support a local Glastonbury kid and her quest to have her country songwriting dreams come true.

There was a recent article in The Glastonbury Citizen about the songwriting competition as well, and if you know anything about someone from Glastonbury, it's that they love their Glastonbury Citizen.

Here's the link to vote for Jaime's song "Feel The Lightning."

Voting closes February 28th and you can vote as many times as you want, so get on it!

Here's some more of her songs to listen to while you're here...