Saturday, February 8, 2014

#22 UConn Goes Down to the Wire, Falls to #7 Cincinnati on the Road

#22 UConn 58 (17-5) - #7 Cincinnati 63 (22-2)

I don't want to put too much stock into this game since the Huskies were without DeAndre Daniels for the second straight game but they looked so incoherent at times that it's hard not to take away some negatives from this loss to Cincinnati.  

So even though they lost, they can say that they were without their second leading scorer and rebounder, they were on the road, they lead most of the game, and they still had a chance to win against a top 5 defense in the last minute of the game.

Some quick thoughts.
  • Shabazz's jumper seemed to be coming up short all night.  He was just 2-12 from three.
  • The play were Shabazz pulled up from about 28 feet after a timeout was terrible.  Was that really the play that Ollie drew up in the huddle??
  • That foul call on Brimah on the loose ball was atrocious.
  • How is Sean Kilpatrick still at Cincy?  That dude is like 35.  I guess he's the new Peyton Siva.
  • Has anyone ever had more of a Napoleon Complex than Mick Cronin?  I mean, is he serious with the black on black look here?  Who are you, Johnny Cash bro?

  • Don't look now, but Cincy is now 22-2.  Wowzers.
  • Why did it feel like Kilpatrick was left open every time he was behind the arc?  Was that just me?
  • I do not like #5 Justin Jackson on Cincinnati.  Not at all.  It seems like he's more a freak athletically than he is actually good at basketball.