Wednesday, February 12, 2014

19 Signs That Jimmy Fallon Is Your Spirit Animal

Buzzfeed posted 19 Signs That Jimmy Fallon Is Your Spirit Animal (thanks to the long lost Sponty for the heads up here).  Since someone actually told me I looked like Jimmy Fallon this past weekend (I think that brings the tally up to 8 times now) and I think Jimmy Fallon is my actual spirit animal, I'm going to go ahead and toot my own horn, pat myself on the back, and post this thing myself.

Here are my two favorites:


You just put together four of my favorite things: Justin Timberlake, dancing, Michael Jackson, and Jimmy Fallon.  Confession, I use to dance like MJ for my parents and their friends when I was growing up in my Michael Jackson Fan Club jacket and a silver glove. #NotSorry


This gif is from my favorite episode of Late Night with Jimmy that doesn't include JT.  Instead, it has my other man crush JGL and Stephen Merchant as they have a lip-synch off.  I still have this episode on my DVR and watch it once every couple of weeks.  Just as an FYI, this is Jimmy singing A-Ha's "Take On Me."