Friday, January 24, 2014

Wichita State's Tekele Cotton Showing Why The Shockers Are For Real With A Posterization

I suppose it wouldn't be a bad idea to start talking about Wichita State now, since they're the real deal. They've been a fixture in the NCAA tournament the past couple of seasons, even mixing in a Final Four performance last year with wins over Gonzaga, Ohio State, Pitt, and La Salle, before losing to eventual champion Louisville.

Tekele Cotton is the culprit of embarrassing this dude from Illinois State.  I won't put his name here as I'm sure he'll hear about this for the rest of his life as it is.  The Shockers (great fucking name by the way) are a top 5 ranked, undefeated team, at 19-0, and have a shot to at least go undefeated in the regular season before the tournament.  I always feel like it's a good thing to at least lose one before the tournament so the pressure of an undefeated season doesn't crumble your team, but that's just me.

Cotton had a little bit of a Tom Chambers thing going where he actually continued to elevate after making contact with the poor soul who tried to play defense.  I'll take any excuse to post this video too. Mark Jackson recovered nicely after this (playing/commentating/coaching), so there's hope for our bro from Illinois State after all.