Sunday, January 19, 2014

UConn Can't Overcome the Size Of Louisville...and the Refs, Them Too

UConn 64 (14-4) - #18 Louisville 76 (16-3)

What a crock of shit that game was.  I hope referee Mike Stuart missed a blatant foul on a three point attempt, right in front of the UConn bench, quickly gave Coach Kevin Ollie at tech, and then ejected him seconds later.  So he compounded a terrible no-call by throwing out the coach who was complaining about said no-call.  I can't believe I was agreeing with everything Dickie V said in the above video.

I've never seen Ollie like this.  This from a coach who only had 1 previous technical in his two seasons so far at UConn.

I thought he was going to legit assault that ref.  Stuart was so fucking bad that he actually overshadowed Ted Valentine who was pretty much just as terrible as him.  Every ticky-tack foul Valentine would call would be so delayed, that the shot would already be through the hoop by the time he blew the whistle.  The ended up calling a total of 43 fouls (45 if you include the techs) in the game.  That's more than a foul a minute.  That's not basketball.  The best refs are those whom you don't notice but these guys thought it was all about them...and they ended up being right.  That one blown call is a 7 shot swing in the game.  UConn doesn't get Giffey's three free throws and Louisville ended up getting four of their own on the techs.  

But I digress.  The Huskies were able to cut it down to 7 but couldn't seem to get a stop or a play from anyone other than Shabazz when they needed it.  Bazz put up a career high 30 in the loss, the first player to put up 30+ in a loss since Jeremy Lamb against Nova.  Daniels was pretty much a non-factor as he picked up his second foul early in the first half and had to sit for a lot of the game, which meant Olander palying 15 minutes, which is something you never, ever want.  Boatright did his much to often disappearing act in this game except when he turned it on for about a two minute spurt in the second half with Bazz on the bench.  He continues to over-penetrate and finds himself with nowhere to go and underneath the hoop too often when he drives to the basketball.  Because of that, and being the little guy that he is, he is unable to finish at the rim against size or able to get the ball to a shooter when surrounded by defenders.  Looking on the bright side, Kemba used to do this when he was used a a distributer early in his career at UConn.

UConn's biggest weakness, their frontcourt, was again at the center of their problems against the Cardinals.  Montrezl Harrell had the game of his life (13 rebs and18 points on 8-10 shooting) and looked really damn good against the thin front line of the Huskies.  Brimah still doesn't look like he can catch the ball, Nolan may be the softest player around the rim that I've ever seen, and Olander is basically like a revolving door on D.  As a result, Lousiville was +15 on the boards for the game and was able to convert on a ton of their second opportunities, and it felt like that was the case every time the Huskies needed a critical stop.

The Huskies may have lost this game anyway with their bigs getting dominated all game and Shabazz the only one doing much on offense (accounting for 46% of their points) but the refs should get the win on their record for this one.  What a shame.

Side Notes:
  • Do you Dickie V. Do you.

  • It seems like Seth Greenberg knows how terrible Stuart is as a ref too.

  • A couple of my pics from the game.

Pitino talking to his team about his sex scandal...probably.
Mrs. Potts owning the UConn student section.
A candid of my man Giffey at the start of the 2nd half. 
Two of my favorite analysts Jay Bilas and Jalen Rose, giving the people what they want.