Sunday, January 26, 2014

UConn Beats Rutgers in their last In-Conference Matchup in Piscataway

UConn 82 - Rutgers 71

Napier once again led the way with 20 of his 26 points in the second half as UConn pulled away from Rutgers late in their last in-conference match up with the Scarlet Knights in New Jersey before Rutgers leaves next year.  The game never really felt in doubt even with UConn only holding a slight lead through the meaty part of the contest, as we've come to expect from most games against Rutgers while they were housed in the same conference as the Huskies.

It looked like the whichever of the two top scorers coming into the game (Napier and Rutgers' Myles Mack) got it together in the second half would pull their team to a victory after they both had abysmal first halves.  Myles (averaging 16.5 ppg) was shut down by the Huskies and finished 2-9 with just 6 points.  Napier (averaging 17.8 ppg) started a horrendous 2-11 before finishing 7-18 with a game high 26 points.  Shabazz still leads the Huskies this year in just about every statistical category...points, rebounds, assists,  and steals.

Brimah was able to chip in 10 points and 8 rebounds in the winning effort, and thus strengthened my case for him being one of those players who plays better on the road than at home because they don't feel as much pressure with the home crowd getting on their every mistake.  Take a look at Eli Manning in the playoffs for a prime example of this bizarre scenario.

There was a scary moment in the game where Daniels went down, writhing in pain and holding his knee.  He wasn't able to put any weight on it as he was helped to the bench but was able to walk with help on his way to the locker room.  He seems to be alright and thankfully so, because he has been the consistent second scorer the Huskies have been searching for this season and is second on the team in both points and rebounding.

Side Note:
UConn is shooting freaking great from 3-point land this year at 41.3% as a team.  Kromah is at 40%, Bazz is at 44.3%, Daniels is at 47.8%, and my main man Giffey is at a crazy 53.8% from downtown.

Next Up: UConn tries to avenge their loss in their first meeting with Houston at Gampel on Thursday.