Friday, January 31, 2014

The Breakdown of Yankees vs. Red Sox Fans in Connecticut - Like all sports rivalries, picking a side in the Red Sox-Yankee rivalry is almost entirely geographic. Everyone knows as you drive through the traffic-filled highways of Connecticut, bumper stickers will slowly fade from those supporting the Sox to those supporting the Yanks. But exactly where is the border between the two fanbases? Although others have tried to answer this before, by using data from the 2.5 million people in New York or New England that ‘like’ either the Red Sox or Yankees I was able to create a more accurate rivalry map than ever before.
To figure out where the true boundaries are I used Facebook’s ‘Create and Ad’ feature. By pretending be buying an advertisement, Facebook will tell you the approximate number of people in an area who ‘like’ something. For instance there are 101,400 people in Boston who like the Red Sox.

You can find the entire breakdown of Connecticut and the article here but I think it's easy enough to just check out these babies.  Either way, the article is pretty awesome and maybe some people can finally see the conundrum of Connecticut sports allegiances.

It looks like Glastonbury just makes the cut for Red Sox Nation as the state seems to split right along the river.  The second picture is a little hard to see, so if you want to see the breakdown by town, here is the table for each one: