Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nobody...I Repeat, Nobody, Does A Star Wars Tauntaun Impression Like My Man Bill Hader

Here's the earlier clip he was referencing....looks like it's from 2011.

Now I feel like I'm kind of in the Bill Hader mood to watch some of my favorite stuff of his.

I had literally never heard of anyone who could do an Alan Alda impression and he just kills it in this SNL skit about famous actors auditioning for roles in Back To The Future.

I didn't want to post his entire clip from the Franco Roast so I just posted the one joke I thought was the funniest.  So simple but I die every time I hear it.

Jonah Hill making fun of Bill at the Franco Roast last year.  It was so funny because after every person he made fun of he would say how much he loved them and thought they were so awesome.  Jonah Hill seems like the easiest guy to get along with in Hollywood...and they all looked high as fuck in this.

And lastly, a little compilation of some clips of Bill because every video of his is legit over 5 minutes long and I can't find any of his individual here ya go.