Friday, January 17, 2014

New Music: Magic Man - "Paris"

Magic Man

I've been checking out a lot of bands that were recently announced for the Firefly Festival in Dover, DE this summer and came across this song from the band Magic Man called "Paris."  There's not much out there on the Internet Super Highway about them and it looks like they only have a 5 song EP, called You Are Here, that came out last year, but I'm digging this song.  It puts you in a good mood and sounds like something I would put on if I was having a couple iced brews on a porch in June with some buddies...or something like that.

From what I gathered, the group is 4 dudes and a girl from Boston, MA.  That's about all there is on their web page, so hopefully they can come up with some new songs for my new summer hangout mix and get them out before the weather gets nice again.

The band is headlining their first show in NYC at the Mercury Lounge on March 20th of this year, so check them out if you're around the area.

P.S. I thought the Magic Man was Pavel Datsyuk?  Oh and by the way, 24/7 on HBO with the Red Wings and Maple Leafs, was fucking fantastic as always.