Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Music: The Wild Feathers - "The Ceiling"

The Wild Feathers
"The Ceiling"

I just recently found out about this band, The Wild Feathers, while I was taking a look at the Firefly Music Festival lineup that was announced this week.  The group, from Austin, Texas, put out their debut album this past year and is made up of a group of guys who used to be lead singers in their previous bands.  That dynamic works well for a group that has choruses that follow a sing-a-long type of outline.  The song, "The Ceiling," is the catchiest of their songs on the self-titled album and definitely got me interested enough to listen to the rest of it...but don't take it from me, find out for yourself...

Or maybe you'd prefer an acoustic live version that they played at WNRN in Charlottesville, Virginia.  It actually sounds almost blue-grassy with the twang of the acoustic guitar.

Aaaaand, if I had to pick a second would be the up-tempo number called "Backwoods Company."  The fact that they like their genre of music to be called 'American' instead of 'Americana' appeals to me for whatever reason.