Friday, January 24, 2014

Music: Digitalism - Pogo

There's a couple of these videos out there with this song as a background for the game Ninja Mojo that fit really well and the song actually sounds better than on Digitalism's actual music video for "Pogo," so I posted this instead.

The song reminds me a wee bit of Bloc Party but only if it was mixed together with Kele's solo stuff.  It's like a perfect combination of the two musical styles.  I listened to this sound in an episode of Misfits, the incredible British show that's available on Hulu.  Both the show and this song are pretty awesome, especially after a couple of runs through.

The song is by a German Dance Duo called Digitalism. They seem to do a ton of remixes, which makes sense, and cite Daft Punk and film soundtracks as their major influences...which also makes sense I guess.