Monday, January 20, 2014

Keifer Sykers (5'11'') with some vicious dunks, might have just taken the number 1 spot for guys named Keifer

Little man Keifer Sykes of Green Bay can get up!  Dude is supposedly 5'11'' and has hops for days.  On the breakaway dunk his head is at the rim and he's dunking down on the hoop.  Not like some Spud Webb stuff where he's barely reaching the rim with his dunks (obviously no disrespect there).

This was the 10th straight win for Sykes' Green Bay team at UIC.  I had to look it up, but Green Bay is in the Horizon League and is undefeated (5-0) in conference play with an overall record of 15-3.  Those losses are to Harvard, Wisconsin, and Eastern Michigan...which is pretty good for a 3 loss team. They'll most likely have to win their conference no matter what to get into the tourney but let's hope they do, just so we can get some pre-game highlights of Mr. Sykes and some possible March Madness Magic.

P.S. I know I should be thinking, "this is so fucking awesome," but all I'm really thinking is, "why the shit can't I do that if we're the same height."