Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Little Love for Bucci, PC Hockey, and Cumberland, RI Pond Hockey

I like how Buccigross is basically the only ESPN Sportscenter anchor who tweets about hockey whatsoever.  I guess it goes in-line with the ESPN coverage (or non-coverage) of hockey overall really.  Of course, I'm not counting the actual hockey analysts that ESPN has (i.e. Barry Melrose) or anybody like that.  

One of the best things about Bucci is that he interacts with regular Joe's on twitter.  Today he was tweeting out people's morning pond hockey pics and I came across this one from Cumberland, RI, the town where one of my college buddies D-Rock is from, so I thought I'd write this since he's not on twitter or anything.

Second, I really enjoy the #bucciovertimechallenge.  Here are the rules in case you ever want to play it during an NHL overtime (

How To Play
When an NHL hockey game goes to overtime, I will post a tweet on my twitter account (@buccigross) using HASHTAG #bucciovertimechallenge.
To participate, you will tweet#bucciovertimechallenge followed by the two players (one from each team) who you think is most likely to score the game winning goal for their respective team:
If one of my selections is correct, I give away one (1) less #bucciovertimechallenge t-shirt than if I am incorrect. Winners are chosen at random from the pool of participants who selected the correct player.

Third, with PC Hockey killing it this year, and Bucci absolutely LOVING what he's dubbed #cawlidgehockey, it's cool to see him give the Friars some props.  And from Instagram, there were a lot of my former Friar class in attendance at their Frozen Fenway game vs. Merrimack.  Here are some highlights and pics from the game:

The game ended in a 1-1 Tie in Overtime thanks to the sick move by Defenseman Steven Shamanski with just under 10 seconds to go in the 3rd period.

And last, he did tweet at my buddy Mayer and I a little while ago.

If you ever want to get in an argument with Mayer (@jmnyr14), the biggest hockey fan I know, just talk about how good you think CT native Chris Drury was...and let the chaos begin.