Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Yankees Are Old As FUCK

Is it just me or are the Yankees somehow trying to become the oldest team to ever play a season in baseball history?  It can't be just me can it?  I mean seriously, they just keep trying to sign old guys and when they do, it's always for multiple years.

Here is what their lineup would look like right now:

C - Brian McCann (30) (just signed a 5 year deal)
1B - Mark Teixeira (33)
2B - Brian Roberts (36) & Kelly Johnson (35)
SS - Jeter (39)
3B - A-Rod (38)...or they could re-sign Youk (34) or Mark Reynolds (30)
OF - Ichiro (40), Beltran (37), Soriano (37), Welles (35), Ellsbury (30) & Gardner (30)

DH - Could re-sign Hafner (36) or Overbay (36), but will most likely have one of their outfielders play DH I'm guessing...or sign someone else, to money that they could have used on re-signing Cano.

Out of the three 30 year olds that they have signed on their team, McCann will be 35 when his contract is up and Ellsbury will be 37...which would put them in the exact same situation they're in now.  With older guys who are breaking down and making a shit ton of money.

They have no home grown talent anymore and it looks like it's going to really bite them going forward since you saw what you're getting in Nunez as a replacement for Jeter (a .260 hitter with zero pop and spotty defense at best) and you have nothing immediate to replace A-Rod with.

Now, this lineup would be ok if they were to stay healthy the entire year but you know with this many aging players that injuries are pretty much a certainty.  Let's see how these guys fared over the last two seasons and how many games they played in over a 162 game season.

McCann - 121 Games in 2013, 102 Game in 2012.  It's a little different for a catcher but those are his two lowest totals since his rookie year in 2005 when he played 59 games.
Tex - 15 Games in 2013, 123 Games in 2012.  Since coming over to the Yanks, his average has went from .292 to .256 to .248 to .251 to .151 (in 15 games).
Roberts - 77 Games in 2013, 17 Games in 2012 (39 in '11 and 59 in '10).
Jeter - 17 in 2013, 159 Games in 2012.  2013 was really his first year missing significant time.
A-Rod - 44 Games in 2013, 122 Games in 2012.  Could potentially miss all next year on suspension.
Ichiro - 150 Games in 2013, 67 Games in 2012.
Beltran - 145 Games in 2013, 151 Games in 2012 (44 in '11 and 98 in '10).
Soriano - 151 Games in 2013, 151 Games in 2012 (HEY, GOT ONE!)
Ellsbury - 134 Games in 2013, 74 Games in 2012.
Gardner - 145 Games in 2013, 16 Games in 2012.

I'll leave off McCann for this next stat because catchers are a little trickier to gage games played based on how many days off they normally get and split with the back-up catcher.  So we have 9 position players and a total of 2,916 (162 games X 2 seasons X 9 players) possible games they could've played.

They played 1,758 games in that time.  That's 60% of the possible games.  You could account for a couple games a year for regularly scheduled games off, but not that many.  I can't see that sort of thing getting better with age either.

Not for nothing, but if this were their team and it was 5 years ago, they would be the best offensive team in MLB History.

Just a quick note on the pitching.  Kuroda had a really goo year last year even though he's 38. CC (33) is still very good, even if he's not quite as dominant as when he first signed in NY, especially last year with his ERA ballooning to 4.78.  Both Lester and Lackey were able to bounce back from a not so good year, and I fully expect CC to do the same.  After that, their rotation is shaky.  Oh, did I mention that they just lost the best closer in baseball history??


I just heard they tried to sign Shin Soo Choo to a 7-year deal worth $140 Million.  WHAT?!?  To play where?  Their outfield is already Gardner in Left, Ellsbury in Center, and Beltran in Right.  Would they just shift Beltran to DH and play Choo in right then?  Because they have THREE other outfielders already on the roster in Ichiro, Soriano, and Welles.  How many outfielders can one team have.  You couldn't up your offer to Cano like an extra couple million but you continue to throw contract after contract out there....ugh, I'll stop myself.  I'm a Red Sox fan.  This is good for me.

OK, now I'm better.