Monday, December 23, 2013

Thanks For The Giants Win Jim Schwartz! - DETROIT -- The cascade of boos enveloped Ford Field late Sunday afternoon. The Detroit Lions were electing to play for overtime instead of taking a shot to win down the field, and the fans were not pleased.

So they let the Lions know it. And Detroit coach Jim Schwartz was not too happy about it.
"I was disappointed to hear boos. We're getting ready to go to overtime right there and our crowd is great for us and they support us," Schwartz said. "The team needed a lift right there. We didn't need to feel bad at that point. We just intercepted a ball that got us to overtime. I thought that I was just trying to get our team ready.
"That's tough, the situations when your players are getting booed and you want them fired up. That's what I was trying to do right there."
Schwartz did not indicate who he was speaking to when he started yelling at the end of regulation and it wasn't clear from the video whether he was yelling at fans or just about the fans booing his team and the decision to not go for the win at the end of regulation.
And they were loud enough that the Lions couldn't help but hear them.
"I don't know how you cannot," Schwartz said. "At that point, we're taking a knee and after we didn't get the yards, we just let the clock run out and we didn't get the first down. We were trying to gather the troops and trying to get ready for overtime.
"It wasn't like we were running another play in that situation. We were getting ready to go into overtime and our fans have been great for us but we needed them on our side in overtime."
Well, at least I'm not a Lions fan I guess.  Jim Schwartz is basically blaming the Lions fans for the loss that eliminated Detroit from playoff contention, saying that he wasn't able to get the players geared up for stay alive for the playoffs...because the fans wouldn't allow it.  Are you fucking kidding me?
First of all, they should've been booing.  Your D, which was getting pressure all night long against the usual atrociousness of the Giants O-Line, was able to force an interception from Eli (big surprise) on New York's last minute drive to win the game.  You had the ball on your 25 yard line with 23 seconds to go and 2 timeouts.  Your team is built around big plays with the best wide receiver in the game (Calvin Johnson) and a QB with a huge arm.  You have a kicker in David Akers who has hit a 53 yarder already this year and you're playing indoors AND at home.  You need to gain 39 yards in order to give him a shot.  Only 39 yards, with 23 seconds, two time outs and all of your receivers are basically 6'4'' and taller.  Yet you run a draw for some reason?  That makes less sense than just taking the knee if you're not going to go for it.  With how much trouble your team has had holding on to the ball, why risk another turnover with a draw that has such a low probability of turning into anything?

I would much rather be terrible, like the Giants pretty much are, than to lose games like that.  Yeah, Eli has been awful this year (I still love him though), yeah, our offensive line can't block a D-Line made up of kickers and waterboys, but at least we don't have a douche like Jim Schwartz running the's the little things.

The Lions pissed away the game, once again blowing a fourth quarter lead, the 5th one in 6 games, and after starting the season 6-3, are now looking at a 7-8 record with this loss to the Giants.  So, yeah, you think they're going to boo when you look like your basically not trying to save your season...and most likely your job now?  The Lions are one of 4 teams to never even play in a Super Bowl.  The others being the Browns (although the future looks pretty good with Josh Gordon and that first round pick they stole from Indy for Trent Richardson's corpse), the Jaguars (although they were an expansion team in the 90's so they haven't been as shitty for as long), and the Texans (another expansion team looking like they're headed in the wrong direction this year).  The Lions made the NFC Championship in 1991, so they haven't even been even close enough to sniff a Super Bowl in over 20 years.  But this games was the fans fault for rightfully booing your boneheaded coaching.  That's Rough.

Some random notes from the game:
  • Eli set the Giants franchise record with his 26 INT this year.  You see that Peyton?  You're not the only Manning setting records this year.
  • Jernigan looked pretty good getting some reps in place of an injured Victor Cruz.  Granted, that doesn't really mean anything, but it's good to see someone do something when they finally get a shot to.  He was able to catch the first TD of his career too.
  • Tuck is sneaky having a really good second half of the year.
  • Antrel Rolle is still awesome and came up with a fumble recovery.
  • Ummm, that Will Beatty contract is looking worse by the fucking game.  5 years for $38.75 million dollars and he got absolutely smoked by the the rookie D-End Ezekiel Ansah from BYU.  It looked like Ansah was the one who earned a huge contract and Beatty was the rookie.  He's been piss poor all season and he knows it too ("I'm struggling to live up to my contract.")
  • I love watching Matthew Stafford play.  He's like the poor man's Tony Romo who can't really blow the big games because the Lions never really have big games to he settles on blowing the little games.  If the Lions ever start to play in games that actually mean something, I need, yes I NEED, a game of Romo vs. Stafford.  I think my head would explode from all the 4th quarter interceptions.
The Giants season was over before the game anyway, but sometimes it's fun to play spoiler, especially when it's against Jim Schwartz.  Better get that resume ready Jimbo.

What a joke.