Wednesday, December 4, 2013

See Ya Later Jacoby

I can't say I was really surprised that the Red Sox didn't re-sign Jacoby Ellsbury, knowing what he was going to be getting for offers from the free agent market, it didn't make sense with what he was asking for, to keep him at that "Boras Price." I'm not even really surprised that he went to the Yankees.  That's a lot of money to turn down and I think the rivalry between the Sox and Yanks is more a fan rivalry than a player rivalry these days anyway.

What I was surprised about, is that the Yankees of all teams, agreed to pay him $153 Million over 7 years.  Imagine what that makes the price they are going to have to eventually pay Cano.  They were never going to pay Cano's asking price of $300+ Million, but if they're paying Ellsbury $153, they're probably going to pay Cano around $180.  Or did they just price themselves out on Cano with the money that they spent on Ellsbury?  I think it's dumb baseball to pay Ellsbury instead of paying Cano, especially when you sign a player who just turned 30, to a 7-year deal, who relies so heavily on his legs.

I'm hoping that the Red Sox can sign Beltran to a 2-year deal (he'll probably get 3 from KC), and then move Shane to CF.  I'm still not sure if JBJ is ready, but I'm sure somebody will get hurt at some point during the season and he'll be able to get a shot next year...or if they don't get Beltran, then I'd like Choo.  And if they don't get Choo, I'm actually OK with JBJ.

Anyway, a couple of things of note from Ellsbury going over to NY.
  • Jeter better get ready to be #2 in the NYY sexiness rankings.  Yes, Ellsbury is married, but the young girls are going to gravitate to him over the 40+ year old Jeter these days.
Watch your back chubbs.
  • Ellsbury ($21.9 Million) is going to make more next year than Pedroia and Ortiz combined ($21.8 Million).  Ummm, yeah, I'd say he's not worth that much money.
  • Dude can't even grow a full beard anyway.  Patch City.
  • The Yankees biggest weakness is pitching, and they keep on getting bats instead...again.  Love it.
  • I'm going to say that Cano is looking for the most money, based on his $300+ Million contract request, and I'm thinking that Seattle is going to throw him a Grandfather offer (something he cannot refuse) that's he's actually going to take...until the Yankees match it.  Thus giving them another A-Rod/Tex contract that they're going to regret in a couple of years and DREAD for the last couple.
  • Ellsbury is a great player, no doubt about that...when he's healthy, but he's also injury prone.  In the last 4 years, he's averaged under 100 games played per season (96).
  • The Yankees basically have a poor man's Ellsbury already in Brett Gardner, so I'm surprised that they would pay so much money for such a similar player.  With this deal, Gardner becomes an actual POOR MAN's Ellsbury by only making $2.85 Million last year.  With Ichiro basically in a walker, I'm interested in what they're going to do with RF soon too.
  • Now I have to buy the GF a new Red Sox dick, Jacoby.
  • The majority of teams are trying to get rid of these albatross contracts or they've turned out to be horrendous moves (Fielder/Crawford/Pujols/Hamilton/Gonzalez/Zito/A-Rod/Howard/Reyes).  It's just not smart baseball anymore to go with so many years and so much money on players that are going to be so old in the second half of it.
  • A pic of his wife, just for shits and giggles:
  • You're never going to take over Jeter's reign of dating terror in NY with a wife.  And now you've singed that contract that's basically half hers if you ever get divorced.

He was on the team for 7 years, 2 WS (although he was hurt in 2007), was fun to watch stealing bases, and always played hard when on the field.  So...thanks for the WS, I agree with the decision by Cherington not to pay you that much money, and now I'll fucking hate you on the Yankees.  See Ya.