Monday, December 2, 2013

RIP Paul Walker

R.I.P Paul Walker
1973-2013 (age 40)

It's always a little bit surreal in a way whenever a celebrity passes away.  There's no real reason for you to feel any more remorse from their death as you would from any other person that you've never met before.  But there is this strange connection that you feel with people who you've read about, seen in interviews, and have spent hours and hours watching in movies or on television in your own living room.  It's a weird feeling and I can't quite explain it, so instead of trying to, I'll just say how sad it is that he died at such a young age and left behind a young daughter.

Here is the list of my top 10 Paul Walker movies in what was a sneaky good filmography that he put together over his career:

10. Hank Hansen in Flags of our Fathers

I enjoyed the second installment from Clint Eastwood, Letters From Iwa Jima, that took the perspective of the Japanese a lot more than I did Flags of our Fathers, but it was nice to see him, even in a smaller role and as part of an ensemble, in a serious film.

9. Skip Martin in Pleasantville

Another one of his smaller parts at the beginning of his career, Pleasantville played off his good looks and aww-shucks charm that appealed to audiences throughout his roles.  In an odd way, his role in this movie makes me think he could have played someone in a white supremacist organization in a film at some point with his blue eyes/blonde hair M.O.  OK, maybe that's a bit of a stretch but it would have been cool to see him try it.

8. Jerry Shepard in Eight Below

Who would've thought that a Disney movie co-starring Paul Walker and Jason Biggs at this point in their careers (basically after raunchy high school comedies), and about dog-sledding, would actually be pretty good.  Not me...definitely not me.  I still prefer me some Iron Will, but this flick is a hell of a lot better than what it could have been...which is something like that pile of shit, Snow Dogs.

7. Jared in Into The Blue

OK, to be fair on this one, this movie was all about Jessica Alba in a bikini for me.  I'm not even sure what else happened in it.

6. Caleb Mandrake in The Skulls

Caleb Mandrake is still in my top 10 favorite character names ever.  Luke McNamara is pretty good too, but it sure as hell isn't on the same level as Caleb Mandrake.  For some reason I always see the stupid straight to video sequel on TV and think it's the original...a lot like what happens with Cruel Intentions when I'm channel surfing.  Solid movie either way.

5. Dean Sampson in She's All That

One of the all-time classic teen movies of the 90's that set off about a couple dozen replicas after it and basically provided the entire script for Not Another Teen Movie...which is also awesome.

4. Joey Gazelle in Running Scared

In my opinion, his most underrated movie.  There are lot of moving stories to keep up with and so many strange and crazy ass characters, but the action scequences are awesome and the pedophile scene still haunts me to this fucking day.  So much so, that I didn't want to post it, even though it's the best scene in the movie.

Buuuut, I will show you the end of the scene, just so you can get the satisfaction without any of the crazy anxiety leading up to it.

3. Brian O'Connor in The Fast & Furious Series

The first movie is a classic and basically steals its script straight from Point Break, but, hey, I love Point Break, so what do I care.  The 2nd and 3rd movies drop off drastically from the first, but the last couple were popcorn movies at their very finest.  You know what you're getting with these movies and if you like it, then you're going to keep on liking it.  Great chase scenes, hot girls, action galore, and cheesy monologues about family from Vin Diesel.  They were in the middle of filming the 7th installment of the series in what could have been a never-ending franchise a la Friday the 13th, but I'm not sure what they're going to do with it now.

2. Lance Harbor in Varsity Blues

His second best character name.  This movie had everything a teenage boy could want.

1. Oopty fucking Oop.
2. Whipped Cream Bikinis
3. Stripping Teachers
4. 5'7'' Wide Receivers on Texas High School Football Super Teams
5. Mox the Fox as played by The Beek
6. Fucking Billy Bob
7. Football

Just a hall of fame movie from my adolescence.

1. Lewis Thomas in Joy Ride

Maybe a little bit of a surprise pick for my number 1 Paul Walker movie, but in my honest opinion, this is the best movie he was in.  And to be fair, in half of the other movies I listed, he wasn't the actual star of most of them.  This one has him and Steve Zahn playing off each other brilliantly, and is an pretty original idea for a thriller.  So that's what makes it the take the top spot...candy cane...

This is just a sad photo of Tyrese at the crash site paying tribute to his friend.  R.I.P.