Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bronze Radio Return Show at Telefunken Studious with Special Guest Violent Mae

Violent Mae kicked the show off and although I hadn't heard of them before, the duo turned out to be a really good surprise.  Violent Mae, like Bronze Radio Return, also calls Connecticut home.  In fact, lead singer/guitarist Becky Kessler actually won the best singer/songwriter at the 2012 Connecticut Music Awards.  The indie rock twosome really benefits from Kessler's intriguing voice which manages to be both endearing and gritty at the same time.  Backed by Floyd Kellogg's drums and backing vocals, their songs rapturous quality about them that make them easy to listen to.

My favorite track was the last song of their set that they played before their one song encore, entitled, "Hole In My Heart" off their self-titled debut album.  You can give it a listen below:

Bronze Radio Return came out next in their full festive Christmas get-ups and started off the slow in a more 'sit-down' setting, with acoustic versions of "Further On" and a couple more songs.  They then livened things up with their usual gusto

And what would a BRR show be without a dueling guitar (Partick Fetkowitz) and harmonica (Craig Struble).  The added dynamic of having Struble's insane harmonica skills adds tremendously to the band, but especially when they play live.

They also mixed in a acoustic sing-a-long within the crowd of "Down There" in between some of their electric tracks off their three albums.

And of course we had to succumb to the peer pressure and dawn some Christmas sweaters for the festive gathering at Telefunken in South Windsor.  Mine, may or may not be a woman's sweater and also miiiiight have some shoulder pads built in.  I obviously couldn't naturally be built like this.