Friday, November 15, 2013

The Voice Final 10

After the big cut from 20 to 12, we are now down another 2 people to set our final 10.  I don't think that The Voice does a tour with the Top 10 like American Idol does, but we've weeded out most of the bottom feeders of Season 5.

Preston was the big surprise of the first cut when Adam chose Will over him as his coach's pick to round out his team of 3.  It can't be that big of a blow when he wasn't in the top 2 of your team from the voting but I thought the last couple songs that Adam picked for him didn't suit his voice whatsoever.  I'd say out of all of the judges, Adam does this with the highest frequency by a biiiiiig margin.  Why would you have Preston do a song (Nuthin' On You by BOB) that is half rapping?  If he was doing a duet with an actual rapper where he was only singing the Bruno Mars part, then sure but what the heck?  OK, rant over.

The Voice has apparently tried to implement a new wrinkle in the voting system for this season in which they announce the bottom 3, and then there is a 5 minute window in which you tweet for who you want to stay.  I think it's cool to do things a little different but I don't think most people watch this show live anyway, which you would need to do in order to vote for somebody.  It seems a little weird to me.  I'm hoping they only do that until they get to like 5 people left or so.

Unfortunately, it meant that Jonny got the boot and Kat got to stay this week.  Yeah, Josh was kicked off too but who cares, he overdid every song with too many runs anyway.  I think Kat is complete garbage with a weak voice and an annoying personality.  Jonny was really good at what he did but his voice is suited to pretty much only one type of song and genre. I think he also got hurt from appealing to a slightly older audience who wouldn't watch this show live while Kat gets a much more tweeny following.  At least she hasn't done a stupid leg kick in a couple weeks.

She should be in the bottom 3 again next week, and if I had to guess without actually even hearing the performances from Monday, I would go with Ray and Will in the bottom.

Just as a side note, Jacquie Lee's voice is super annoying and she overdoes and screams a LOT during her performance.  She has a big voice for sure and can be really good but I haven't liked her last couple of songs.

I'm still saying the final three will be Matthew, Cole, and Caroline.

Here's my favorite performances from the last two shows:

Matthew Schuler - "Hallelujah"

Cole Vosbury - "Adorn"

Blake is still the best at picking different songs than you might think for his artists.  Cole's voice is always way better than I expect.

Caroline Pennell - "We're Going to Be Friends"