Friday, November 15, 2013

Fake Mario Movie Looks Better Than Most Actual Superhero Movies

This reminds me of the one scene of the Aquaman movie in Entourage that was better than the last three seasons of the show combined.  It's probably a lot easier to just make a really cool teaser trailer for a fictional movie than to make an actual movie with a drawn out plot but I could really care less.  This looks freaking awesome and the 3-minute video is already infinity times better than the actual Super Mario Brothers movie:

I guess that this is the first trailer being made of four, including Luigi, Toad, and Peach.  Since they're being written and directed by Evan Daugherty, who actually has some chops, since he just wrote and direct the upcoming movie, Divergent.  Take a look:

Even if it just looks like a poor man's Hunger Games, that's the guy I want to be directing my fake teaser trailers about the dark stories of video game characters on YouTube.

Here's the trailers for the rest of the Mario world characters:

Luigi: The Addict

A couple times during this one, I thought that Luigi was Michael Kelly, but nope.

Toad: The Soldier

Has a little bit of a Pan's Labyrinth feel to the Toad costume.

Peach: The Star

That trailer escalated pretty quickly.

I'd have to say, Mario is my favorite one.  Then Luigi, then Toad, then Peach.  I think they're all clever as shit and really well done but that's how I'd rank them.