Friday, November 15, 2013

Bronze Radio Return's "Further On" Live at 35,000 Feet with Southwest

Bronze Radio Return
"Further On"
...on an airplane

I meant to post this a long time ago but I've been pretty busy with cube monkey BS so I'm just remembering to get to it now.  It looks super uncomfortable and squished for a 6 person band to play in the front of an airplane but they sound pretty good considering.  I guess this is a thing that Southwest does on particular flights...kind of cool if you ask me, as long as you're expecting music, 'cause if I was expecting to sleep on a flight and people started playing music, you better hope to hell that a US Marshall is on that thing to stop me from pulling a Belushi on them...

With that being said, the version of "Further On" that I prefer out of all the ones I've seen is the one that they played live at Pandora for the Whiteboard Sessions...the harmonica solo crushes it.