Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Had To Post My Buddy Making Price Fielder Miss The Foul Ball In Game 2 That Led To A Salty Walk-Off

Thanks to my buddy Eric (yes I'm giving him a partial W in the Red Sox game 2, about 1.5%), the Sox were able to finish the comeback and walk off win against the Tigers.  Fielder wasn't able to catch the foul ball in the 9th because him and the person sitting next to him broke up the play in the first row of the first baseline stands and Salty eventually hit a walk-single, fully taking advantage of his second life at the plate.

Here's the pic.  Unfortunately, Eric looks exactly like Justin Verlander which makes this kind of awkward.

That's him with the backwards Packers hat (of course) and hands all over the ball and Prince's arm.  Here's some other views with a little more of a high resolution pic too.

It's hard to find videos of Major League Baseball games because they're basically communists when it comes to watching videos online, but I was actually able to find the perfect video.  I don't think there was fan interference since Prince was reaching into the stands and the fans were reaching over into the field of play.  If I was the guy next to Eric in the red jacket, I might call fan interference though, cause not was he all over his arm, but he made the ball bounce directly off the side of his head.  Verdict: I'll allow it.

Which led to this...

UPDATE: Dahl sent me a new pic from the reverse side view from the stands above him.