Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I Couldn't Be More PRO Johnny Football Than I Am Right Now If I Tried

I legit couldn't be any more on Johnny Manziel's team right now if I wanted to.  All these people bashing him and the NCAA on basically a witch hunt to try and get him suspended is ridiculous.  He's a college superstar living the college life that every other college student in the country wants to be.

Oh, and he's the first freshman to win the Heisman with some absurd stats in the toughest conference in the nation.  Don't get me wrong, I am a Tide fan all the way and I'm not going to be rooting for him in the slightest in two weeks when the two teams meet, but I respect the shit out of him, both on the field and off.

How can you not at least respect someone who shines when the lights are the brightest.  His two celebrations in the Rice game (where he was an unreal 6-8 with 3 TDs) were so cocky and rubbed it right in the NCAA's face, and there's nothing they can do about it.  The NCAA is such a fucking joke anyway.

The fact that a hypocrite like Mark May is trying to give him any advice at all is laughable.  Mark May joins the list of joke sports analysts on ESPN....and so it grows.

The fact is, guys like him make college football more fun to watch, more entertaining, give the talking heads something to complain about, play fantastic football, up the competition level, and give you someone to root for....or against, whatever your opinion of him might be.

You think I give a shit that he got an unsportsmanlike conduct at the end of the game.  Fuck no.  Those guys were probably talking shit to him on every single play as he tore their D apart.  And from the looks of the clip, the guy was still talking shit even after Johnny Football was done blowing them out.  His penalty was on the best hammer to any sports argument....scoreboard.