Friday, August 30, 2013

Towson...fucking Towson. Are You For Serious UConn? - EAST HARTFORD — What a loss.
They happen.
The way it happened is the problem.
This game was supposed to be a tone setter for the Huskies, in a positive way.  With Maryland and Michigan coming into the stadium on successive weekend in September, a smooth operation against a lesser division opponent was expected.
No one should be surprised by the Huskies' 33-18 loss to scrappy FCS member Towson before an announced crowd of 30,689 at Rentschler Field Thursday night in the season opener for both schools.

Well, so much for expectations. The Huskies lost to a 1-AA team for the first time since 2001 - Easter Washington.

Welp, I guess you can already cuncel the fucking season.  What a bunch of crap.  UConn came out and stunk the place up to a God Damn Division 1-AA/Non-FBS team that controlled the game throughout.  I mean where the fuck even is Towson?  Is it a town or what?  I've legit never even heard of it.  There were too many stupid penalties, non-challenges, shit plays throughout this shit show to count.  So much for looking forward to actual good schools coming to Connecticut.
I was holding out hope that they were going to be 2-0 going into their showdown with Michigan (their first ever good opponent to come through here) so that there could be a full stadium for once in this team's history.  They have all the good teams on their schedule at home this year too...which I guess means I'll be seeing them get blown out every other week or so.  Maryland, Michigan, Louisville, Rutgers, USF, and Memphis are heading this way, and if Towson is any indication, it's not gonna be pretty.
I might feel a little better about it if Towson didn't win by 15 points, the 3rd largest win of a non-FBS team over an FBS team since 2000.  The QB looked like crap.  The coaching was fucking abysmal.  The line was getting pushed around.  Just piss-poor all-around.

P.S. It took me a hot minute to even find what time the game started online because they're in the AAC....I'm not even looking up what it stands for, 'cause I'm sure they'll be out of the conference soon anyway.
Enjoy you, you fucking earned it/UConn fucking blows.