Friday, August 30, 2013

Miley Cyrus Upsetting Lady Gaga as the Weirdest Chick at the VMAs Was Unexpected

I would have said that it was almost impossible for someone to be weirder than Lady Gage on any scale, especially at something like the VMAs, but Miley certainly went all out to do it last night.  

Maybe nobody told this chick, but the tongue out move is Michael Jordan's thing honey.  And the bears, as if this is some children's morning cartoon?  And the foam finger like you're at a fucking basketball game or something?  And even at a sporting event that shit is kind of weird if you're not under 10 years old...but keep doing jerk of moves with it babe.  And just as a side note, you might want to have an ass if you're going to keep on doing this move all the time.

How good did Robin Thicke look just by default just being around her?  Like absolutely nobody is mentioning his 60's prison outfit for even a second.  Just immediately off the hook after sharing the stage with Miley.  Unreal.  Just straight up looking like Beetlejuice and it's like he wasn't even there.

And how about her basically doing the same exact thing as Gaga with the taking off your clothes move and getting thoroughly demolished by Gaga as she's going flesh colored tape or some shit vs. a thong and sea shells.  Blow out city.