Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cruuuuuuuz Already In Mid-Season Form

Pre-Season - Game 1
Giants 18, Steelers 13

It looks like that time away from OTAs didn't hurt the chemistry between Manning and Cruz one iota.  They say that long TDs are something that can be sustained year over year but Cruz seems to be dispelling that notion so far.  His per-season averages for his first two seasons in the league:

84 Receptions
1,314 Yards
9.5 Touchdowns (didn't want to round up)

Out of those 19 Touchdowns, he has TDs of 74, 68, 72, 99, 74, 80, and 77 yards.  That's an average of 38.2 yards per touchdown reception across his 19 total TDs and 9 of those coming in the 4th quarter of games, when both he and Eli tend to be at their respective bests.

Way to save the real salsa for the season too...just going about his work in the preseason.

Just some other quick notes on the first pre-season game since it's only the first pre-season game anyway, and most of the big name players either didn't play or barely played.
  • With no JPP or Tuck playing, Damontre Moore looked really damn good out there, even blocking a punt on Special Teams.  I've already heard him mentioned a couple times as a particular standout in camp after the Giants selected him in the 2nd round in this year's draft.  He should slide in nicely to that 4th DE position in the DE rotation if he can keep this up.
  • I'm not crazy about the DaMonster nickname but it certainly fits 'cause that guy is a fucking mammoth.
  • Coughlin was unhappy (when does that ever happen?) with the RB play.  Wilson didn't do much and Brown fumbled.  I'm less concerned with either of those things than I am with what they can do on pass protection this year.  Bradshaw was a BEAST at picking up blitzes and in protection while with the G-Men.  Can't wait to see him come back to MetLife Stadium when the Colts come to NY NJ for the 2nd Pre-Season game and get a well deserved reception from the fans.
  • Still have my fingers crossed for T. Thomas to get back into the swing of things.  They just took him off the PUP list and I'm sure they would like to see him get some reps in a game or two this Pre-Season, even if they are being as cautious as humanly possible with him.
  • Even with a re-vamped O-Line, Pittsburgh looks like they're going to have some trouble again this year.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say Big Ben is going to be playing hurt again by mid-season and they'll get a couple games out of their back-ups once more....as usual Benny will come out after a bad game with a list of injuries as an excuse.  Tale as old as time.
  • I'm really liking what I'm seeing out of Randle.  It looks like he is going to get a ton of opportunities this year and has the potential to really excel with the focus being on Nicks and Cruz from most secondaries.
  • The 2nd half of these Pre-Season games are so sloppy it's ridiculous.  Not saying that I won't watch, because I'll watch any Giants action at this point, but I'm just saying.
That's about all I can say about the first Pre-Season game without going into too much detail on basically a meaningless game.