Friday, August 30, 2013

Can We Please Stop This New Fad Of Bringing Back High-Waisted Jean Shorts?

Someone please explain this absolutely atrocious trend for chicks to go back to wearing high-waisted jeans and jorts like it's 1980.  These things are the most unflattering piece of clothing that you could possible wear.  I've been seeing this fucking everywhere lately and it's always young good looking chicks who immediately go from being 8's or 9's to 5's and 6's.  It's an automatic 2 point reduction in hotness right off the bat.

Here's what I want out of my jorts...The shorter they are, the better.  I want pockets coming out the bottom.  I want a tied up t-shirt of button down to go with it.  I want cowboy boots with them or I want flip flips/bare feet.  Yes, fucking bare feet.  The less clothing the better...although don't be walking around a city with bare feet 'cause that's fucking gross.

Here's what you should be shooting for.

Instead, you have these otherwise smoking hot babies, throwing out two pair when they could be dropping full houses.

I feel like hot chicks are finding new ways to fuck with me now...and they know it.