Friday, August 2, 2013

Am I The Only One Who Can't Get Enough Of These New DICK's Commercials?

I already can't wait for football season to start on September 5th, so does DICK's really need to get me any more amped up already?  I can't help but get excited every time this commercial comes on.  The 1 minute tracking shot manages to fit so many little idiosyncrasies into one commercial that it takes you a couple of watches just to pick up on everything.  Every player (offense and defense) is represented here and the action is so realistic that I immediately need more information about this game.  How much time is left?  What's the score?  Is one team the underdog or is this some type of rivalry game?  What happens after the scene cuts off??  WHAT HAPPENS?!?

It doesn't hurt to have someone like Derek Cianfrance (Drive, The Place Beyond The Pines) directing your commercial in between movies either.  And then I find out that there's a baseball one that came out before this one....and that it's just as fucking awesome!  

So there you go commercials, just reminding me how much my job sucks.  Good for you.  Thanks a lot

...but thanks for real, cause these are phenomenal.